A large sandstorm swept across the Suez Canal

A large sandstorm swept across the Suez Canal in Egypt on June 2, 2023.

Here is what we know about the sandstorm:

  • The sandstorm was unusually strong and engulfed parts of Egypt, including the Suez Canal.
  • Two of the canal’s ports were closed due to the sandstorm.
  • No disruption to the waterway was reported, according to the Suez Canal Authorities.
  • The storm occurred on Thursday afternoon and was less intense in Cairo, with high winds picking up the city’s skies briefly turning a deep orange color.
  • Unusually strong sandstorms have killed at least one person and injured several others across Egypt.
  • In March 2021, a container ship fiasco occurred in the Suez Canal due to 46-mph (40-knot) winds and a sandstorm causing low visibility and poor navigation4.
  • A video posted on YouTube shows the moment the huge sandstorm swept across the Suez Canal.

Sandstorms are not uncommon in Egypt, but this one was particularly strong and caused some disruption to the Suez Canal. However, no major damage was reported, and the waterway remained open. It is important to note that sandstorms can be dangerous and cause harm to people and property.

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