Ten lifehacks to find a good job at sea

1. Check how your email address looks.

Imagine that you’re an HR manager and one bright morning you open your mailbox and see a message from honeybun1993@gmail.com 

HONEYBUN… Are you serious? Who would open that kind of email to see what’s inside?

Make sure that your email address is official looking. Put your name, surname, and if that’s already taken your position, year born, etc.

Don’t use your lovely puppy’s name or the nickname given by your girlfriend/boyfriend.

If you don’t want your email to be flagged by spam filters use mail providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or, best of all, you can create your own custom email (ссылка how to create email with own domain https://bit.ly/2MNpi69).

Fill up all fields in mail service settings with your information. Use the greetings default field to make it more personalized and official. 

2. Strong CV and Cover Letter.

What is better, quality or quantity? Some people think that the more they bomb recruiters with CV’s  the more chances they have to grab a job.


Such emails will end up in the spam folder and you won’t even be noticed.

Make your Cover Letter and CV work for you, not against you. Don’t do it yourself, hire a professional profile writer to do that job. 

No need to pay a ridiculous price. For 10$ you can hire a professional CV writer on fiverr.com or other similar services.

The writer converse with you so you can discuss what you think is should be highlighted in your CV and Cover Letter.

3.Don’t send more than one attached document with your email.

Really… Nobody is gonna read and research all your vaccination certificates, appraisals and recommendations in advance. This is annoying. Read next how to perform better during your “first contact” with apotential employer.

4. Make a schedule for email sendings and strictly follow it. 

Nothing works better than consistency. Send 10 emails to employers per day and follow it till you get result or to the end of your list.  

Don’t send emails on weekends or holidays.Emails usually just accumulate unread in an employer’s inbox on days off, so your email will probably just get lost.

5. Apply online.

As we know, not all recruiters accept free forms of CV. Usually, big companys have their own crewing departments with functional websites where you can apply only. Don’t ignore this option. Keep calm, fill up those forms properly and there’s always a chance that you’ll get a response or phone call from a respectful company.

6. Search for contacts.

Most recruiters are interested in broadening their search for job candidates and may accept your free CV and review it.

To always have a good list of employers, I’d recommend to maintain a personal list of emails. First, take a closer look at your inbox. You can find a lot of interesting things in old correspondences: emails, calls of offers, and conversations already forgotten. Keep them in an Excel list and refill with new contacts, because one day it will pay off.

Google it. 

Include lots of relevant keywords in your browser to make your search more exact. For example: “Captain with 4 point mooring North Sea experience vacancy”. 

Google might index such requests in some very unexpected forums or services where you can get a good contacts.

7. Don’t attach you CV in first letter.


Have you ever heard about the “sales funnel”?

Online e-commerce marketers are using this option to convert visitors into customers. I recommend you do the same thing. Don’t ask an HR manager to review your CV in the first email. Instead, try to build a short but productive conversation. 

Your target is to get reply!


70% of people feel obligated to follow through if they promise something or just saying “YES”. Of course, this doesn’t mean that a recruiter will stay up at night just thinking about how they have to offer you a good job, but this can definitely make you stand out from the masses. Read next how to get response.

8. First send email with Cover Letter.

HR managers get tons of emails daily, so most of them already have “application blindness”. To catch their attention and make a good first impression is not easy, so you have to be creative and little bit sly.

The subject line of the email is your first and last chance. There are only a few words of yours that they’ll see in their inbox, so don’t waste them. I’d recommend you catch their interest by using phrases such as “I’d like to remind you…” or “This is why I am writing you:…” Make it like a quotation from your email to generate a sense like intrigue.

Don’t use “Re:” in theme – doesn’t work any more.

Don’t use in beginning of your letter:

“Good day”

“Dear Sirs”

“To whom it may concern”

Instead make you Cover Letter more personal, but still professional. 

Start it with personal greetings like “Dear John” or a simple “ Hello”

It shouldn’t be a long read but a clear one. Mention your main characteristics, experience, shortly describe what you looking for, but mainly highlight your most relevant qualifications for the job.

Leave a space between paragraphs so that your letter is easy to read.

Remember that HR managers are office clerks. Paperwork is boring, so any human-oriented inserts could be a big plus. For example: “ How you like a Champion Leagues Final? Big upset for me” if your responder is a man. You can make your letter a little funny (only little, only funny and funny doesn’t mean offend the people). Also any congratulations are also very welcomed (especially for birthdays for how to know this read next).

At the end of your Cover Letter ask your responder: “Do you think I can send you my CV for your review?”

9. Curriculum Vitae

Latin for “the course of your life”.

Now, when you get a reply from a recruiter, the chances of your application being reviewed are much higher. 

First of all, it will be attached in a response marked “Re:” so it’s almost a guarantee that your message will be opened.

Your CV has to be very clear, filled only with information. I also recommend you attach a photo. Personal information, certificates, licenses and experience should be properly explained. 

Don’t hesitate to put your minimum acceptable salary to avoid wasting time.

Don’t forget to write your contact information:, telephone numbers, WhatsApp and Skype are highly suggested nowadays.

10. Use LinkedIn

Not using? You should be.

LinkedIn.com provides a veyconvenient, free wayto build a great network with almost anyone in any industry. 

There are dozen of recruiters posting job offers on LinkedIn’s timeline where you can get all necessary contacts and information.

Build a strong profile but put more emphasis on experience.

Include photos of your projects or any other specific things which could be interesting to a potential employer.

Describe the projects and tasks you’ve been involved.

How to connect with people? Link https://bit.ly/2KgA9U1

However, LinkedIn asks that you know the person you’d like to add, so let’s break some rules. In your browser, you can search for “HR Managers”, “Recruiters”, even      “Fleet Managers” etc. and most of them will accept your request. 

Be polite when sending an invitation to connect and write a honest reason why you want to be in touch with that person.

The best feature (at least was in time when this post was written) is that LinkedIn allows you to download the contact information of your connections. This is actually a Klondike. Use it! Link https://bit.ly/2t7tWg0

LinkedIn also sends alerts about birthdays and career changes-use this information to grab their eyes in your emails.

Don’t comment a job posts in their timeline as “Interested”- this is just stupid, pardon my French. Nobody will review your profile because of such comment. Better to try to connect the person who advertises the job you’re interested in or to use one of LinkedIn’s features that lets you ask someone to recommend you for connection.

All ten above tips might just increase you chances to get just a job, a good job, a better job or the best job in your life.

So take it and Full Ahead! 

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