Overview of Captain’s cabins on cruise liners

According Maritime Labour Convention 2006 to ensure that seafarers have decent accommodation and recreational facilities onboard each ship have to meet minimum standards to ensure that any accommodation for seafarers, working or living on board, or both, is safe, decent and in accordance with the relevant provisions of this Standard.

on passenger ships and special purpose ships the floor area of sleeping rooms for seafarers not performing the duties of ships’ officers shall not be less than:

7.5 square metres in rooms accommodating two persons;

11.5 square metres in rooms accommodating three persons;

14.5 square metres in rooms accommodating four persons.

Аor those who are at the top of the game, the conditions are somewhat better.

Captain Cate McCue cabin mv Celebrity Beyond

Captain Johny Faevelen mv Harmony of the Seas

Master’s cabin on tanker ship

Cabin on Oil Rig