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Today: 23 July 2024
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Deal with bad appraisal

Navigating a Bad Appraisal Onboard Ship

A negative performance review on a ship can feel like a rogue wave, threatening to capsize your spirits. But before you let panic or anger take the helm, remember – it’s not the end of your voyage. In fact, with a calm and strategic approach, you can transform this experience into a chance for growth and clarification.

Here’s a guide to navigating a bad appraisal onboard ship:

Right the Course: Refusal and Response

Most maritime companies allow employees to refuse signing an appraisal or add their own comments. This is your chance to calmly and professionally steer the conversation in a positive direction.

Craft a Sensible Response:

Don’t let emotions dictate your response. Write a clear and concise comment within the appraisal document, using a professional tone. Explain your perspective on the feedback, highlighting your achievements and addressing any concerns raised.

Be Honest and Specific:

If you suspect tension or harassment from your supervisor played a role in the negative appraisal, state it factually, avoiding accusatory language. Focus on specific examples and dates to bolster your arguments.

Gather Evidence: Proof and Documentation

If you believe bias influenced your appraisal, gather evidence to support your claims. This could include emails, logs, or performance records that demonstrate your contributions and successes.

Seeking Clarity: Internal Discussion

If you feel the appraisal doesn’t reflect your true performance, consider requesting a meeting with your supervisor or a neutral third party in the company, such as HR, to discuss the feedback in detail. Present your evidence and seek clarification on the points raised.

Charting Your Course: Taking Action

Sometimes, a bad appraisal can be a wake-up call. If you acknowledge areas for improvement, take responsibility and discuss a plan with your supervisor to address any shortcomings. Request additional training or support to help you excel.

Protecting Your Future: Documentation and Next Steps

  • Request a Copy: Always request a copy of the appraisal, including your comments, for your own records.
  • HR Support: If the appraisal concerns you significantly and you suspect it might unfairly impact your career, escalate the matter to the company’s HR manager or superintendent for further review.
  • Moving Onward: If you plan to leave the company and don’t want this appraisal reflected in your future job applications, you may not need to include this specific shipboard experience in your discharge records or seaman’s book. However, double-check your company’s policies and maritime regulations for specific requirements.

Remember: A bad appraisal doesn’t define your seafaring journey. By staying calm, asserting your perspective professionally, and taking steps to improve, you can weather this storm and emerge as a stronger, more informed sailor.

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