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Today: 23 July 2024
7 months ago

Offshore training for the worst situations

HUET, or Helicopter Underwater Escape Training

 is essential for offshore workers who travel by helicopter to rigs or platforms.

The course simulates a helicopter ditching into water, preparing workers for emergency escape and survival.

Participants learn underwater egress techniques, inflate emergency rafts, and utilize survival equipment.

HUET courses are physically demanding, involving swimming, climbing, and exposure to cold water.

Different types of HUET exist, catering to specific regions and equipment used in various industries.

Valid HUET certification is mandatory for most offshore jobs requiring helicopter travel.

Completion of HUET builds confidence and equips workers with vital skills for emergency situations.

Courses typically last a day, making them a valuable investment for long-term career safety.

Some companies offer specialized HUET training, incorporating additional skills like firefighting or first aid.

Investing in HUET demonstrates your commitment to safety and increases your employability in the offshore sector.

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